This is the final project of mitia and aracellys. Basically based on music and expressing themselves weather it’s singing, dancing, or playing instruments.

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My pie chart about data based on Color of tops I saw.

My pie chart about data based on Color of tops I saw.

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This video is about a 10X10 space I felt really made the video interesting. In this area there were so many different spaces in this one space that set different moods for different recordings. This was about people coming together and sharing their different talents or ways of looking at things with eachother. I feel this relates to me because I like and usually express how I look and view things through my talents. Weather its dancing, writing or making music. I hope you enjoy!!

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my trip to the brooklyn range

The trip was a GREAT experience. I got to see a useful way of how to use different places and areas creatively. What really caught my attention was the beautiful view from how high up we were. You could see everything from up there. It was a great breeze and the air smelled, very plant fresh! The different plants were organized so nicely and looked heathly, getting alot of sunlight(I was burning up!=)). Overall, i enjoyed the trip. I’ve never seen a farm on a roof before so it was a cool adventure. I also considered maybe using some of that space for a 10x10 idea,for its great view!

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this is our little trip to the east side of Manhattan!!!hope you enjoy!!!!

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my 10x10 space

My 10x10 is on 26st at chelsea piers. I picked this area because its a beautiful view and its by water. A place where I can sit and think. In this space however, I feel i could maybe do a dance performance,sit and think or maybe stay in this area and make music all day(dj,make beats) and invite people to come and dance. I’d also take many pictures being that the view is so amazing.

Here are some pictures i took in the space. These are also the way i would take some pictures:

your wildest dream

i want to be able to dance and make beats all day! And just want to be able to work with other people who do the same and are known to be really good at it. 


Today my group and I explored the closest four blocks east from the Eyebeam building.Noticing some fairly important (well, to us) statistics that we thought others should know: 1) On about every block, there was a taxi cab either going back and forth

2) There were no empty parking spaces for all…

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A brief history of Chelsea

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